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Socializing your kid

Socializing your kid

A well-liked idiot will go farther and have a better life than a smart jerk. With that in mind, your number one goal in life is to make sure you socialize your kid to get along with others. This will take a mix of having enough empathy to be likable and enough competitive spirit to still win (most of the time).  Don’t feel like you have to do all the work though. School, slumber parties, summer camps, and sports teams are all available and ready to help make your ornery kid a social genius. The other good news is that you get roughly 18 years to work on #socializingyourkid 

Step 1:  Summer break is for kids and you’re working two jobs 

Step 2:  Sports teams every season 

Helpful Hints!  

Your dad didn’t go to every game you played and you still made state 

Step 1: It’s important to think about college as soon as possible 

Step 2: Craft a calendar of volunteer, sporting, and learning camps so your kid can work with all types of people and situations 

Helpful Hints! 

You’ll know you’ve won if your kids can have fun with other kids and hold a decent conversation with adults… no later than age 5  

Step 1:  Normal kids are easy to get along with 

Step 2:  Focus your socializing efforts on how to navigate the choppy waters of the rich and insecure 

Helpful Hints!  

Have your kids read the 48 Laws of Power, but not too soon or they’ll use that knowledge against you 

© 2019 by Nick Krautter | Designed by Benu Creative

© 2019 by Nick Krautter | Designed by Benu Creative