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Aggressive driving for teens

Aggressive driving for teens

Remember back in high school when they taught defensive driving? It was mostly based on going slow, having enough buffer space between you and the car in front of you and signaling a turn 3 blocks before you actually needed to turn.  What a shame to waste that youthful split second reaction time on driving like a grandpa. They’re not putting 400 horse power in every modern car so you can drive the speed limit and your teen will not be driving slowly. Here now is how to teach #aggressivedriving  

Step 1:  Your kid gets to drive an old truck with a three speed and drum brakes 

Step 2:  It does 0-60 in 12 seconds 

Helpful Hints!  

There’s nothing more fun than peeling out on a gravel road. Even if they crash you just pull the truck back out of the ditch and hammer out the dents 

Step 1: If your kid makes the Dean’s list they get to go to racing school 

Step 2: Sign yourself up for racing school too 

Helpful Hints! 

Spend the weekend trying to out race your kid, remind them that racing is just for the track…. wink wink  

Step 1:  A BMW M3 seems like a reasonable 16th birthday present 

Step 2:  Have one of the drivers from your F-1 team teach your kid to drive 

Helpful Hints!  

Put the family attorney’s and your private mechanic’s phone numbers on the dash of the car. If they crash the M3 they get a Volvo wagon for their next car.  

© 2019 by Nick Krautter | Designed by Benu Creative

© 2019 by Nick Krautter | Designed by Benu Creative