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Advice for single moms

Advice for single moms

Life doesn’t always turn out like you plan. Maybe you decided to have a kid on your own because you didn’t want to settle for some average guy. Maybe you married that average guy and the towering resentment finally killed your union. Or maybe that average guy left you when the reality of being a parent set in and he chickened out. Don’t despair, there are some great upsides to this life. Here’s advice for being a #singlemom  

Step 1: Have your mom move in with you to help with the kids 

Step 2: Finally finish that dental assistant program you had to quit when you got pregnant 

Helpful Hints!  

Make sure you get a job with a dentist that is either single or unhappily married, you’ll be in a gated community by the end of the year 

Step 1: Make sure you dictate the co-parenting schedule 

Step 2: Exercise four times a week and party like you’re 22 when you don’t have the kids 

Helpful Hints! 

Eventually you’ll realize that only another single parent will take a future together seriously, but until then, the world is full young athletic guys with something to prove and your body has never looked better 

Step 1: Reconnect with an eccentric surfer artist your ex bought a collection from 

Step 2: Have a very public affair on social media 

Helpful Hints!  

That collection will quadruple in value but your ex will sell it now anyway out of sheer frustration 

© 2019 by Nick Krautter | Designed by Benu Creative

© 2019 by Nick Krautter | Designed by Benu Creative