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Advice for single dads

Advice for single dads

Life doesn’t always turn out like you plan. Your marriage started out as a blissful couple of years of travel, sex, and dinner parties. Pretty soon kids come into the picture and your golf game goes to hell. Before you were too irresponsible but now you work too much and aren’t present enough. Once the kids start school your wife might start to wonder if she needs you around at all anymore. But if you can’t even agree on what kind of ketchup to buy don’t despair; here’s my advice for #singledads.   

Step 1:  This is a choose your own adventure: 

Step 2:  If you have the kids: immediately marry your back up lady from church, you know, the one who is always asking if she can help with the kids and has been secretly in love with you 

Step 3: If you don’t have the kids: immediately start dating younger women and go fishing four days a week 

Helpful Hints!  

If you’re co-parenting you’ll have to compromise, eventually 

Step 1: Set up your dating app(s) with the help of a single friend 

Step 2: Set your age range from 25-50 

Helpful Hints! 

Make sure to get some advice from your single friends, it’s a crazy world out there and you’ve been out of the game for a decade  

Step 1:  Hire a night nanny 

Step 2:  Everyone at the athletic club already knows you’re single 

Helpful Hints!  

Be discrete, the ladies will want to lay claim to you so stay away from the Instagram models who overshare 

© 2019 by Nick Krautter | Designed by Benu Creative

© 2019 by Nick Krautter | Designed by Benu Creative