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Yes, you can be a billionaire: Accepting that your kids will do more than you

Yes, you can be a billionaire: Accepting that your kids will do more than you

Every parent hopes their kids will have a better life than they’ve had. Until it actually happens and your 28 year old millionaire kid starts explaining how you should live your life. What the hell do they know anyway! They don’t know how hard you had it when you were their age. Have they forgotten how many advantages you gave them in life? Take a deep breath and try to keep perspective. The alternative to accepting that your kids will do more than you is having them moving back home and work on a screen play for the next three years.  

Step 1:  Your kid will get a job in sales 

Step 2:  They make more than you and they just turned 23 

Helpful Hints!  

Convince them to buy your fishing boat and store it at your house, use it just the same as you always have 

Step 1: Help your kid get a summer internship at your firm 

Step 2: Your kid will land a huge client through their fraternity connections and get promoted in their first year 

Helpful Hints! 

You are so happy and proud of your kid until you realize they might be your boss in two years. Move to a new firm

Step 1:  Your kid’s first company just IPO’d with a valuation of $500mm 

Step 2:  Buy her biggest competitor and give her a run for her money 

Helpful Hints!  

You have no idea what the competitor you just bought actually does. Hire your nephew to run the company and task him to double revenue in two years. Eventually buy your kids company in a hostile takeover 

© 2019 by Nick Krautter | Designed by Benu Creative

© 2019 by Nick Krautter | Designed by Benu Creative